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Sex addition is real, and real problems need real help.

Welcome to the Counciling Affiliates of Houston.

This site has very extensive information about sexual addiction. It is dedicated to reaching those who suffer from this condition but is also intended for people in relationship with sex addicts: friends, associates and family members. If you are experiencing problems about your sexual behavior or someone in your life is complaining about your sexual behavior, of if you know someone experiencing sexual problems, the side buttons on Characteristics and Different Forms, as well as the Self Test can be very helpful in determining whether sexual addiction may be involved. There is also a special section on the Internet, which has been described as the “crack cocaine” of sexual addiction. Other sections address love addiction, sex addiction in the gay community, bisexual sex addiction, adolescent sex addiction, sex with minors, and sexual anorexia (which is the addictive avoidance of sex). Considerable material is also included from the partner’s perspective. Of particular importance are sections on getting specialized professional help as well as free help in various 12-step programs. Psychotherapists, researchers, students and others interested in the subject of sexual addiction can also find the site a useful resource.

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