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Counseling Affiliates Sexual Addiction Treatment Center in Houston, Texas

The professional help we provide is in an out-patient treatment program setting. Our treatment is exclusively for sex addicts and their partners and families. We provide specialized sexual addiction services in a comprehensive program consisting of individual counseling for both addicts and partners, couples sessions for those in relationship, family counseling as needed, and group therapy for addicts and for partners. Participation is on a weekly basis and free 12-step work in the community is encouraged to supplement and reinforce the therapy program work.

Our staff is comprised of a male therapist who specializes in working with male sex addicts (and male partners of sex addicts) and a female therapist whose specialty is working with female partners in relationship with sex addicts (as well as female sex addicts). Both therapists also have experience treating different aspects of sexual addiction within the gay-lesbian-bisexual-transgender community.

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For a descriptive glimpse of the treatment process in our program, read the synopsis provided in the following paragraphs.

First, to clarify terms, we refer to those coming in for help as clients rather than patients, from our view that the “patient” designation is more appropriate in a medical setting.

Generally, the treatment process goes something like this—

The first session is basically an exchange of information concluding with a decision as to the next step that the client chooses to take. The client provides the therapist with information about the problem situation; the therapist provides an assessment for the client, answers questions and gives information about the treatment process. If there is doubt about whether sex addiction is the issue, individual sessions are recommended for further assessment. If sex addiction has already been identified, individual sessions that follow will focus on specific work that coincides with the particular stage of the recovery process at which the client currently is.

If the client is in a committed relationship, the couple is advised to come together to the first session to meet with the two therapist specialists. Receiving input from both members of the relationship enables the therapists to construct a more complete picture of the problem. It also allows both relationship partners to meet both therapists and hear from the treatment perspective of each specialist. The non sex addict partner not only gains new insights about the addict and the addiction but also learns about the advantages of receiving support and guidance through the painful healing process that is available for the partner. It is also important to explain that if the first session is with both the addict and the partner, caution and sensitivity is utilized to deal with potentially highly volatile feelings as well as premature or overwhelming disclosures. An outline is presented of the steps and stages by which these unique challenges are faced and resolved.

Following the initial session for a couple, the addict proceeds as described above. The partner is advised to begin her (or his) own individual therapy process in which s/he can express the pain and betrayal that always is part of the partner’s experience. The partner also receives essential information to avoid pitfalls and additional pain that is inevitable without specialized help. As the partner moves further into the recovery process, s/he discovers habits and beliefs that s/he begins to realize need changing in order to be compatible with the addict’s transformation. If both partners pursue a recovery process with the help of our program, they periodically are seen together, in addition to their individual work, in order to address the needs of the relationship.

Whether the client(s) is a single person or a couple, much of the work is similar: replacing dysfunctional or addictive patterns with functional and healthy behavior. Throughout the therapy process the client(s) is/are learning and practicing powerful tools for keeping the addiction under control, for healing the wounds created by the addiction, for addressing the origins of the addiction (as well as the origins of the partner’s unconscious attraction to the addict), and for eventually experiencing true intimacy that was formerly out of reach.

One of the most powerful components of our program is the group therapy process. We conduct same-gender groups for sex addicts and for partners. In these groups there is the benefit of relating to others with a similar history and the same kind of challenges. In addition, the structure of the groups provides a systematic means of accomplishing major recovery tasks.

The help we provide is powerful and effective, focusing on support, guidance, information and intervention. We respect the dignity and individuality of our clients, using explanation, encouragement and illustration, as well as confrontation, when addictive distortions in one’s thinking or actions must be challenged. All participation is strictly voluntary. Our program has proven highly effective in all of the following areas: arresting sex addiction, maintaining consistent recovery, empowering partners, repairing emotionally damaged relationships, and improving the quality of people's lives.