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Sexual Anorexia: "Binge and Purge


Sexual Anorexia and the “Binge and Purge” Phenomenon

Life tends to have infinite variations, so too the condition of sexual addiction, which takes another form in which anorexia plays a role: a form paralleling another eating disorder known as bulimia which is characterized by “binging and purging” with food. The binge-and-purge version of sexual addiction consists of alternating hypersexuality with avoidant sexuality, obsessive sex with the total absence of sex. Both sexual extremes are experienced by the same individual. Those who have this problem compulsively act out sexually for a time, then usually because of guilt or negative consequences, shut down sexually for a significant period of time, but eventually will return to being hypersexual. These individuals might have multiple affairs, for instance, then get caught or become overwhelmed by guilt, end the affairs, perhaps get very religious or throw themselves into their job, and unconsciously “purge” sexual needs or thoughts. But then later on the person might begin to masturbate compulsively or eventually find him or herself back in an affair.