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Sexual Anorexia: Causes


Causes of Sexual Anorexia

As one might suspect, the condition of sexual anorexia can come about as a reaction to earlier sexual trauma, especially if the trauma has not been worked through with some kind of support and assistance such as specialized psychotherapy. From a background of sexual trauma, a child who was molested by an adult understandably can grow up with a fear of sex and have a post traumatic stress disorder reaction to the possibility of sexual activity which creates associations with the original trauma. Feelings from the sexual trauma can also be repressed, allowing the person to engage in sex without apparent problems until some life event brings it out, and with it an anorexic shutting down sexually.

Growing up in an environment in which the message is powerfully and consistently given that sex is wrong or bad can also cause a sexually anorexic reaction. Sometimes this message comes from the religious views of parents and the clergy and doctrines of religious affiliations parents have chosen. And an anorexic reaction to sexuality can be passed down generationally, from grandfather to mother to daughter, for example.

Sexual anorexia can also be a reaction of the partner of a sex addict, who, in the hurt of feeling violated can come to view even the thought of sex as too painful a reminder of the betrayal. It therefore sometimes happens in relationships that one partner acts out with compulsive sex and the other acts in through anorexic avoidance of sex.